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Olympus Inventories are a Birmingham based company that was born out of the love and passion for the Property Industry by Director Huseyin Turkay.

After a decade of experience within the property Industry gained invaluable experience in all areas of the Letting cycle and came to realise that through working vigorously with landlords and tenants an efficient and effective delivery of Inventory accountability was required in the form of Property Inventory Reports, Check-In Reports, Mid-term Inspections and Check-out Reports, due to the high demand and need of accurate and timely information, preserving the landlords investment and also the tenants deposit.

The importance of this was paramount when collaborating with tenancy deposit schemes, tenants and landlords, as many disputes were occurring and could be reduced with an accurate and highly comprehensive service of Inventory management, therefore reducing time, resources and unnecessary losses to landlords and tenants, also including managing agents who were to negotiate between landlord and tenants making it as efficient as possible for them once the review of such reports were due.

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1 Bedroom Apartment - Un-furnished Property Inventory Reports

£ 45.00 *

Learn more about our fully comprehensive Inventory Report Services and what's included in all Inventory Reports, Mid-Term Inspection Reports and Check-outs Inspection Reports, covering any size property furnished or un-furnished. *Special rates available for Letting Agents and Property Professionals.. *No VAT

24 Hour Delivery

We pride ourselves on not only the exceptional quality and meticulous detail that goes into each and every Inventory Report we produce, but the speed and efficiency in which we deliver our reports. We will have your report sent directly to you within 24hrs.

Intergrated App Technolgies

We utilise state of the art technologies to assist in the creation of every report we produce, encompassing highly specific interpretations and descriptions of the subject matter at hand with high definition photographs to support every aspect of our evaluation.

Invaluable Experience

With over a decade of experience within the property industry we have gained invaluable experience working with the largest Tenancy Deposit Schemes in the Uk (DPS) therefore we are in a very fortunate position to provide insight and advice should it be required.

Fully Insured

Know that you and your investment are in safe hands as we are fully covered with comprehensive Insurance with Hiscox Insurance UK. Documentation can be provided on request.

Prompt & Responsive

As well as being immensely passionate about the quality of our Inventory Reports, the quality of our customer service is no different. We know the importance of clear and responsive communication and the trust it can build between both parties, which to us is absolutely paramount, as we strive to develop long lasting relationships with all of our Letting Agents, Landlords and Tenants.

Should you have a query or require any further information, please do not hesitate in contacting us below.

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